Craft Project…any suggestions?

I recently found out my friend is pregnant, and as soon as I heard I was excited about making something for both mother and baby. But since having some time to think about what to make I’ve not had any inspiration. I’ve checked Pinterest and looked through a few of my craft books but nothing is calling out to me. I would love to hear about or see any of your projects which you’ve created for a new special arrival.


Full of ideas!

I’m literally obsessed with Pinterest! Ever since I was introduced to it a year ago, I can quite happily lose an hour of my day flicking through the beautiful pictures of pretty things! It has provided so many ideas for my house project, finally the house is all complete but I still manage to find new and exciting ideas. One on the top of my list is these mosaic spade and fork which would look beautiful in a cottage style garden with flowers growing alongside it.

Recently I’ve started collecting ideas in a little notebook which I try to update with any new ideas I have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as sophisticated as Pinterest but occasionally I do like the old fashioned style, there is still a love, and need for pen and paper!



Unexpected Monday Night, Craft Night!

In a couple of weeks we are off to a Wedding. As part of the invitation the bride to be has asked everyone to make a piece of bunting which I think is such a lovely idea because..

1. It gets people involved in a craft they possibly might not have done before.
2. Make the guests really part of the wedding.

So my lovely boyfriend informed me on Monday night that I had missed the deadline. :S So as it was a gorgeous bright evening I got my Gran’s old sewing box out and had a go. It’s funny really, one thing I have learnt from this blog, with regards to my crafting projects is how last minute I am! I definitely need to work on that in the future…

Anyway; somehow over the years I have accumulated some lovely fabric and lace which thankfully turned out to be perfect for this instance.



What I love is even though its the same piece of fabric, both sides look so different. Unfortunately in my naivety I didn’t quite keep the line at the top straight. In hindsight I would have checked that before I started hand sewing but hopefully when it is fixed with the rest of the other creations, from afar, you won’t notice.


The finished article. Hope the bride to be likes it! My goodness, the pressure!

Have a lovely day

My wonderful and very determined friend has recently got us all signed up for a half marathon in September. Over the last couple of weeks I have been dragging myself out to start the training, which hasn’t been as difficult as expected as the sun has been shinning and I’ve wanted to be out and about in the evenings, after work.

During one of my favourite 4 mile runs around the river I noticed some graffiti. Now I’m not normally a fan of graffiti but I loved it so much I had to stop and take a picture. What a positive, emotional and heart warming message to run past.

What really surprised me was a couple of weeks later, (whilst running with my fabulous friend) I saw the same cursive style in another location along the river! This time I was wished a lovely day on the footbridge.


After informing my friend of this unusual style of graffiti she too found other examples of the message.

I’m intrigued about this mystery person sending these messages, I wonder where and if I’ll find another message which will brighten my day!

Craft o’clock!

One of the perks of my new job is the amount of new young friends I’ve made. But what makes it even better, is their love of crafts! So recently we got together and had a bit of a crafting session. The plan was to each bring a craft we could teach the other but much to their surprise, is the amount of time mosaic’ing takes! We’ll have to save the salt dough decorations for another time, which is fine by me. 🙂


Trying hard not to damage the table!


Some very lovely finished articles, I made the colourful home mosaic as a house warming present for a uni friend. Hope she likes it.


All grouted. And a lovely message from my boyfriend which welcomed me the next morning, that I found once he’d gone to work. 🙂


Sharing the crafting love

Following a successful couple of mosaic experiments over recent months my sister and I decided to take part in a fabulous crafting session.

She had just moved with her boyfriend so it was a perfect opportunity to turn my ‘love’ mosaic in to ‘home’. I really liked this idea and decided to make a ‘live’ alternative to follow the theme. It’s a brilliant way to change the style, using any four letter word you can think of.

Below the chaos…..including a working lunch!


But it’s all worth it for the final piece which is featured pride of place in their newly decorated bathroom. It was lovely to do with my sister as we managed to have a rummage in my Gran’s old sewing box, and found some vintage buttons, which makes it so much more personal.


And my design… After I’d finished the grouting I used window cleaner on the tiles which made them sparkle. I’ll definitely be doing that again.


A Beautiful French Wedding





Following a fabulous long weekend, in the South of France. Where we celebrated the wedding of some dear friends, I wanted to make a personal gift they could hopefully treasure forever; consequently it was time to get the tile cutter out again.

What started out as a lovely project unfortunately ended in a mad dash to get it completed in time! Half way through on Tuesday, I spoke to the bride to invite her for dinner on Saturday (giving me plenty of time to finish it). Little did I know she was already meeting up with another friend on Thursday for dinner. So as soon as the phone was down, it was full stream ahead, it even resulted in the wrapping paper still being slightly damn after grouting it that morning!

Thankfully she loved it and it now it hangs up in their bathroom where she has apparently received comments from friends and family. Phew!

Mr & Mrs

So after a very long absence, mainly due to a busy work period and because I don’t understand how to use WordPress, I’ve decided to return!

I thought I would begin by showing you one of my most recent mosaics which I gave to a family member for their wedding gift. I was really pleased with it as I felt it gave a more modern twist on mosaics. There was an early worry however, about whether you could actually read what it said but after questioning family and friends they assure me (:S) it is clear!

Obviously the picture is terrible, but that’s the only one I’ve got. Serves me right for leaving it till the last minute as always! Good old Instagram.