Day Trip!

During a leisurely Thursday, my retired mum, sister and I took a short drive to the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke on Trent. Being a bit sceptical about what there would be to see during the factory tour, I was more excited about reaching the seconds shop at the end!

However, I was completely wrong. It was fascinating to find out about the process, see the dedicated craftsmanship of the workers and the high levels of inspection. We even had a delicious slice of cake at the end! My sister was very pleased. I now understand and am willing to pay the price.




At the end we managed to have plenty of time to look around the seconds shop. I managed to pick up two lovely pasta dishes and a BIG LOVE mug for only £5. Apart from the odd mark they are prefect. We even managed to put the small cost of the factory ticket towards our final items. We all agreed a very enjoyable day.

Memories of Gran

My beloved Gran passed away a couple of years ago. So last month when my Mollie Makes arrived through the post I was delighted to see the free gift; to make a cross stitch rose. My mind instantly recalled treasured visit to see my grandparents, my Gran teaching my sister and I how to cross stitch and the gifts we received from her.

So quickly and enthusiastically I started my first cross stitch in years. I can see why she spent so many hours making these tiny items. It was so relaxing and peaceful and surprisingly easy. My gran was obviously a brilliant teacher! It’s nearly finished, just two more leaves to add. I plan to frame to remind me of her.