Half Marathon


Two weeks ago I took part in my second half marathon. I’d done the practise, collected the donations and eventually the big day arrived. I was feeling really confident and looking forward to the event. The previous time I had ran the half I completed it in 2:20, this time I was hoping to get between 2hours and 2 hours 10 minutes. Unfortunately the day before the event my running partner had to have the day off work with a chest infection. This put me in a bit of a predicament as I didn’t know whether to stick with her or go off on my own. Within the first two miles I was already going faster than her and having to drop back every few paces to stick with her. Eventually I decided to run ahead and I was really pleased with my final time of 2:11.

The last mile however was the worst, I’d just been given a massive push by seeing my friends and family with two miles to go. But with the last mile to go, I had to run past the finish line on part of the river that I know very well. What a nightmare, I definitely plodded over the finish line. I’ve got the most horrendous picture of me crossing the line! Oh well, we’ve raised over £800 for charity so it was all worth it.


Sharing the craft love


My wonderful sister has definitely got the crafting bug. She sent me this lovely picture of a recent project she had; painting the shed and making a outdoor mosaic.

I think you’ll agree it looks totally shabby chic with a well designed J and D garden sign with a sunflower in the middle, my sisters favourite flower. My sister has so many sunflowers growing in her garden she has become somewhat of a local talking point!