Christmas Crafts

Last week I had a couple of friends over for a Christmas crafting session. It was lovely to have them over, belt out the seasonal tunes, warm up the mulled wine and try a few new crafts that I’ve wanted to do for a while! On the agenda was salt dough and mosaic decoration, giant pom-poms and snowflakes.

The mosaic baubles went down well, which was all thanks to my sister who contributed the bauble shapes, these only cost her a couple of pounds from eBay. Next up was the salt dough which eventually dried a yellowy colour due to the flour, I have since painted them white which I definitely prefer. I also ordered some alphabet stamps from not on the high street to use, consequently the salt dough decoration now have Christmas wording on which gives them a very shabby chic style. There were also perfect for naming my Christmas presents too.




All wrapped up

In the most unchristmassy of fashions I have managed to wrap all my Christmas presents whilst drinking a glass of elderflower cider and listening to power ballads! The tree is now complete and I’m not looking forward to the Christmas festivities. I just hope everyone likes their presents!

I am however, feeling rather smug this year as I have finally listened to my own advice and managed to finish my Christmas shopping in advance. Whoever invented late night shopping on a Wednesday is a genius. Why would anyone in their right mind attempt shopping at the weekend in the lead up to Christmas? Crazy! Although prior to this new found smugness I have in the past had to buy a last minute gift for my mum on Christmas Eve! Even worse is that this normally happened whilst fuelled with far to much mulled wine to make any logical decision after meeting my friends for drinks in the square! Therefore this resulted in one rather small nighty two years ago and one broken Emma Bridgwater joy pot last year, which was super glued together on Christmas Day! Thankfully and hopefully this hasn’t happened and won’t happen again!





So the theme for my Christmas wrapping this year is pom-poms! Hopefully it will make a lovely added extra under the tree this year, if I ever manage to make enough in time! Unfortunately I have had varying degrees of success! The instructions from Pinterest don’t look to difficult but I’ve either not tied the pompom tight enough or not tied it right, resulting in it all quickly unrivalling. Oh well, hopefully I can sustain concentration during strictly to make a few more tonight.





Winter Warmers

For my birthday my mother very kindly brought my sister and I a crocheting course for day. It was a pretty intense day learning all the different techniques and in particular how to make a granny course.

After a couple of weeks of practising I decided to make a scarf. I found this brilliant design on Pinterest, purchased some cosy yarn and started, and kept going and going and going…! I love the end result but just a little bit gutted that it’s not as long as I would like.