Snow Day

Today we had snow! A pretty pathetic amount on snow, but snow nonetheless. My friend took this photo of our view at work. Image


As soon as I saw this photo I started reminiscing about our previous snow day last year, and was willing the snow to continue. Unfortunately my snow dance didn’t work. 

Last year I spent a fabulous, relaxed snow day baking my own scones! Here is what I made…..I could just eat one now! Image

What to do?

For a long time I have wanted a antique dresser to replace a poorly put together set of drawers in my living room. The hideous flat pack drawers were put together by myself, and they are terrible. All the draws are not aligned and thus you can’t open one without the rest! It is a massive eye sore within our room but I have a predicament.

Over the years I have looked at so many beautiful sideboards and dressers and now, I just don’t know which to choose! What shall I do?! Do I get one from the cattle market and paint it? Or do I get a traditional dresser and leave it natural? Or do I even go for a sideboard….I just can’t decide! And lets not even get started on my boyfriends opinion!

Hopefully, one day while rummaging through a local antique shop we will see one and just know it’s the one.


Antique Dresser

Getting Back On It

I’m a bit behind the January health kick but it’s happened! Yesterday, I had a go at the Nike Training Club App and my goodness it was tough! I tried the beginners 30 minute session which focused on toning.

Unsurprisingly, by about 10 minutes I was ready for a sit down but I had my lovely boyfriend giving me tips and making sure my posture was right. It helped to keep me going but he sure was annoying! Ha!

The plan for tomorrow is to have a go at a 15 minute session on my abs but considering how limited and painful walking has been today I’m not too sure! I definitely want to keep it up but I’m eager to start running again, just need the nights to get lighter and then I’ll be raring to go.


Sewing Workshop

Following on from my previous blog ‘January Blues‘ my friend and I went to a Sewing For Beginners course yesterday and quite frankly I am very impressed with our efforts! Prior to the course I had failed miserably at using my mother’s old sewing machine which resulted in it breaking! Therefore I’m sure you can imagine how reluctant I was at attempting sewing again, however having someone there at all times was a nice secure feeling to have to give it another go!

Yesterday we arrived bright and early to find the most gorgeous and eclectic workshop, filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics, vintage pieces and antique nic-nacs. My friend and I were in heaven!

Free Stitching

We were given a quick run through about how to set the machines and then had time to experiment. Once we were confident with free motion we were ready to start our projects. I had planned to make something for my friends new baby which resulted in a lot of free motion of his name and date of birth. I’m really pleased with the end result but I would have loved the date to be a bit more centered. I plan to hang it with some vintage buttons and lace. I hope she likes it!

During the process I even learnt how to applique the triangles of bunting on to the piece which I’m sure will come in useful for future projects.

My friend throughout the day was making a cushion, I love her final front side, the colours she has chosen are beautiful. I can’t wait to make my own and have a go at more complex and specific design.

AppliqueFinished ResultPillow

Later on in the day, after finishing my first project, I managed to make a holly garland as well, ready for Christmas. I’m really pleased with the result as it was really quick but looks great. What do you think?

HollyHolly Garland

Party Bags

One of my good friends is getting married soon and myself and a friend have been given the exciting and difficult task of planning the hen do! We are going to London and I think we’ve just about got everyone sorted in the right hotel, on the right train and taking part in the same activities! Now it’s time for the fun part, party bags and after enjoying trawling the internet we have found the cutest pieces to put in them!

Party Bags  Party Bags  Party Bags

We’re hoping the girls will love them. Most of the items were purchased from John Lewis, I just love the badge. We’re even planning to make gluten free cookies nearer the day as the Bride to Be is wheat intolerant. I can’t wait to see the hen’s faces when they are given them on the train down!

New Home

Recently my boyfriend and I brought a house together. It’s the most amazing Victorian property with real Minton floor! (I am slightly bias!) So now, my new favourite thing to do, is to spend my weekends/ free time visiting vintage shops around the local area.

On my latest visit to see my Grandma I was able to combined it with a visit to the antiques shop with my mum and sister. My grandma loved reliving her youth and pointed out some lovely bits which would look perfect in our new home. Unfortunately my boyfriend was at work so the majority of the time was spent whatsapp’ing loads of photos. In the end I did purchase a vintage mirror which we have hung in the entrance way with a shabby chic key, which was a house warming present from a friend, where we can hang our keys when we get home. What do you think of our handy work?




January Blues

After a very relaxing and enjoyable Christmas season there’s nothing like the thought of going back to work with those cold dark mornings to wake up to. I don’t know about anybody else but I defiantly wake up ever morning with a spring in my step?! Ha! Luckily, my close friend has booked us on a sewing course this Saturday. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages as, as soon as I see a sewing machine I go into meltdown! Becky, on the other hand, has her own machine and recently made her own wedding invitations with it. Now I am situated with the dilemma of what to make?! I don’t want to make something too difficult, although I have always wanted to make my own quilt which obviously I wouldn’t be able to do during the day. There are some amazing designs on Pinterest though, however do I go simple with a cushion? But I already have so many pillows! Argh, what do I do? I’ll just have to go on Pinterest again to get some inspiration.