Sewing Workshop

Following on from my previous blog ‘January Blues‘ my friend and I went to a Sewing For Beginners course yesterday and quite frankly I am very impressed with our efforts! Prior to the course I had failed miserably at using my mother’s old sewing machine which resulted in it breaking! Therefore I’m sure you can imagine how reluctant I was at attempting sewing again, however having someone there at all times was a nice secure feeling to have to give it another go!

Yesterday we arrived bright and early to find the most gorgeous and eclectic workshop, filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics, vintage pieces and antique nic-nacs. My friend and I were in heaven!

Free Stitching

We were given a quick run through about how to set the machines and then had time to experiment. Once we were confident with free motion we were ready to start our projects. I had planned to make something for my friends new baby which resulted in a lot of free motion of his name and date of birth. I’m really pleased with the end result but I would have loved the date to be a bit more centered. I plan to hang it with some vintage buttons and lace. I hope she likes it!

During the process I even learnt how to applique the triangles of bunting on to the piece which I’m sure will come in useful for future projects.

My friend throughout the day was making a cushion, I love her final front side, the colours she has chosen are beautiful. I can’t wait to make my own and have a go at more complex and specific design.

AppliqueFinished ResultPillow

Later on in the day, after finishing my first project, I managed to make a holly garland as well, ready for Christmas. I’m really pleased with the result as it was really quick but looks great. What do you think?

HollyHolly Garland


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