It’s Arrived!

Finally I’ve made a decision! After trailing the internet and local fabric shops, which resulted in finding a lot of uninspiring fabrics, I’m absolutely chuffed with what arrived this evening!

Recently I acquired two weaker chairs which are destined for our conservatory. The fabric is very faded but still of high quality, so the plan is to dye these and use new material to make some cushions.

Fingers crossed the dying process works but at £5.99 a packet it’s worth a try. This decision was made mainly due to the fact the only fabric I liked was £37.99! Luckily after a quick check on the internet I found it for £25. Understandably, this is ridiculous, but fingers crossed it will be the only expense for the whole room (except paint) and I think it will tie the whole room together.

I Just need to find some free time where I can borrow my mum’s sewing machine and have a go at putting into practise all that I learnt on a recent sewing day. Can’t wait to get started! Here is the beautiful fabric; it’s a Blendworth fabric.


A Little Thank You…

A good friend of mine recently helped my boyfriend and I out during our move. As a thank you for all her hard work I have decided to make her a gift, an owl gift! She is obsessed! Everywhere we go she will point them out, describe their cuteness factor and contemplate purchasing a shabby chic version.

This new acquired knowledge of my friends obsession has surprised me as she is not in the least bit the crafty or girly. All you see at her property are ultra modern interiors with strong bold colours. However, she has spoken and I have got a plan!

 Owl  Owl

The plan is to buy a black tile and grout to try and make it a bit more her style. I’ve never tried using black grout before but I think it will bring out the colour in the owl and in the beautiful old plates.

Going Back to my Roots

Lately I’ve found, to much distress, that I haven’t had much time to craft. This has resulted in a number of blogs not actually about crafting! So I have made a conscious effort to write about what I preach which is ‘Crafty Corner’

So luckily over the next couple of weeks I have two weddings to attend and I have had requests from non-other than the Maid of Honor to make the happy couple a ‘LOVE’ mosaic. 




Cat in a Basket

During a recent trip to Homesense (TK-Maxx’s budget home store) I picked up a lovely weaker basket which I thought would be perfect to hold logs in, next to our log burner. Unfortunately it is a touch too big, so it will be going back. Although I’m not too sure whether our feline companion will appreciate that, as on our way to bed last night we found Bailey chilling out! 


The Devil’s In The Detail

Recently, my evenings have involved a brilliant interior design programme called ‘The Great British Design Challenge’. At the end of a long day I looked forward to my fix of interior design in gorgeous properties, style ideas and craft inspiration. But unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end and this week I have been at a bit of a loss as to what to fill my time with.

As a result my Pinterest viewing time has increased! However, eventually I stumbled upon an idea, using my new found inner interior designer; I made a mood board. I printed off all the pictures I liked of conservatory décor and collated them in a scrapbook style ready for when my ‘Project’ is finished. 

I’ve never been this organised before, is the devil in the detail or is this going to help save costs and make for a smooth renovation? Either way I can’t wait to get started, I’ve been inspired to get my paint brush out again!




Camera Shy





Sitting here on this cold miserable day, trying to work, has resulted in causing my unproductive mind to wonder! For as long as I can remember I’ve been meaning to organise my photos and save them on to my computer. Obviously, not feeling very optimistic about the pictures as it’s taken me over 6 months to get round to it! 

Unsurprisingly though, it have spent a lovely hour or so reliving past memories of holidays from 2013.

The reason for my reluctant nature is due to the fact that as a birthday present, my boyfriend, brought me a photography course. I found the day very enjoyable and mind boggling at the same time! Since then I have tried to put all that I learnt in to practice, but with limited opportunities to practice and getting to grips with the settings saw a mixed bag of results. 

Here are a few from our trip to Rome in October;


I hold my hand up and say I’m not the best but I will endeavor to continue to keep working at it and I will not resort to auto however much it pains my boyfriend to watch! 

Tea and Cake

Is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than eating delicious cake, drinking tea and gossiping with a friend?! I don’t think so, and that is exactly what I did yesterday and it was bliss! 

What was even better, was the quirky tea shop we ventured into. It was full to the brim with mis-match tea cups, pretty hand cut flowers and beautiful lace tablecloths.


A Project

I just love my mother! She is recently retired and loving it, but what pleases her most is a project to keep her involved,hence the project!

So recently I told her of our new plan for our conservatory, which is how during my next holiday I was going to paint and decorate the conservatory so it is ready to enjoy when spring finally arrives. Before you know it my mother has sourced two wicker chairs (exactly what we wanted) from a friend, for free! 

ImageImageI’m really excited about them arriving on Sunday as I can’t wait to try out my new fond sewing skills on an actual craft project for our new house! Roll on the weekend so I can start collecting fabric samples for possible cushion/ pillow covers. 

Image                      ImageImage

My Boys!

Earlier I was looking through my photos deciding what I could blog about today and I realised I hadn’t introduced you to my two gorgeous, ginger cats.

So let me welcome; George and Bailey. They were named by my sister, after Grey’s Anatomy, we are HUGE fans!











I rescued them from the RSPCA about three years ago. Thankfully since moving house they seem really settled and I believe they are even more comfortable with a little bit more space. Aren’t they cute!