It’s Arrived!

Finally I’ve made a decision! After trailing the internet and local fabric shops, which resulted in finding a lot of uninspiring fabrics, I’m absolutely chuffed with what arrived this evening!

Recently I acquired two weaker chairs which are destined for our conservatory. The fabric is very faded but still of high quality, so the plan is to dye these and use new material to make some cushions.

Fingers crossed the dying process works but at £5.99 a packet it’s worth a try. This decision was made mainly due to the fact the only fabric I liked was £37.99! Luckily after a quick check on the internet I found it for £25. Understandably, this is ridiculous, but fingers crossed it will be the only expense for the whole room (except paint) and I think it will tie the whole room together.

I Just need to find some free time where I can borrow my mum’s sewing machine and have a go at putting into practise all that I learnt on a recent sewing day. Can’t wait to get started! Here is the beautiful fabric; it’s a Blendworth fabric.


4 thoughts on “It’s Arrived!

  1. old bedsheets at the flea market are often quite sturdy and still in good condition, that old cotton is soooo lovely and sometimes the print is wonderful. i like retro fabric, but i´m amazed how much calico shows up. like you, i have better things to spend money on, so all the fabric i work with comes from the flea market. i used to only look at old clothing, thus i had a lot of plaids. then i discovered old sheets! a good one for a good price yields meters of fabric to work with…

    • That’s definitely worth thinking about for next time. Thank you. I think as my initial plan was to upholster the whole chair I was only looking at heavier materials. But like you say sheets would have been perfect.

      • hard to find something like chintz at the flea market… but you could always do it in matching fabrics, a chintz and a solid. a nice rich pink solid… i mostly do little jobs, like pillows. i can´t imagine doing a whole chair! not to mention, two whole chairs. i can´t wait to see what you come up with.

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