Paul Hollywood Eat Your Heart Out…

After five very enjoyable series of Great British Bake Off, I finally got round to making bread! On a quiet afternoon, with nothing better to do, I experimented by making a white loaf from the GBBO recipe book. This poor recipe book has sat in my cupboard, looking pretty for years but not being used, so I felt great using it.

After a quick walk to the local shop, I was ready to get started. I followed the simple recipe, preferring to knead the dough myself. I tried to find the inner Hollywood with my knead technique however  I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot! I left it to rise and it actually got bigger! Eventually I put it in the oven and ta-dah… here is the end result. I’m pretty impressed actually, and we enjoyed sandwiches for the next couple of days with homemade bread!




It’s been a while…

I’m back!

I’ve been away.

I’ve had an extended holiday from blog writing but I think I have taken part in enough craft / home projects to have something to write about now and what with the colder nights and lack of tv to watch, what better thing to do than get blogging!

I wonder what has been going on in the blogging world.