Dining in Style

We are hosting Christmas this year which I’m really excited about. However this did throw up a dilemma, as our dining room table is not big enough to comfortable seat the 7 people who will be joining us. We quickly realised this is the perfect reason to purchase our highly required dining room table. So approximately, 6 weeks ago we went on trawl of all the furniture shops in our local area and found the perfect one. It is being delivered next week but now I have to make a decision on table decoration for the big day.

My mum has always had a lovely table decoration for Christmas so I want to make sure ours looks the part. From my initial conundrum I have started to collect a few items such as a runner, table mats, candles and new plates (which we desperately needed, can’t serve the turkey on clipped mis-match plates!) and inherited some lovely, classic cutlery from my Gran. However, something isn’t right as I’m trying to blend the Christmas decoration colour, (red and white) with the decor from the living room (gray and charcoal).

I’m thinking of getting some slate mats to have in the centre to hold hot plates and maybe that will work. Hummmm…keep looking I think! It’s not looking like it’s straight out of Ideal Home magazine just yet!

2014-11-22 18.08.07 (1) 2014-11-22 18.08.22

A Touch Of Glamour

It is a year ago today we moved into our beautiful house and looking back I am really pleased with the amount we have done. It did take a slow start with us just completing the conservatory in time for Spring, but Summer welcomed updates to three rooms, including the downstairs toilet.

Before the decorating took place it was a dirty looking white room, with disgusting melamine cupboards and a seaside shell toilet seat! Absolutely vile.

So a quick lick of white paint turned into about 3 and transforming the horrible cupboards resulted in trying out cupboard paint for the first time. After watching a few youtube clips, I thought it would be a simple job but actually following their instruction was an error as they instructed me to use a primer. However, half way through, my dear Mum, read the tin instructions and found it already had primer included. Doh! Thankfully, the cupboards have turned out really well and add a touch of glamour to the room, including the door handles I picked up in a lovely boutique shop in Newark.

2014-11-22 18.14.16 (1) 2014-11-22 18.15.17

I re-used some old black picture frames, adding a few to the collection from Homesense and printed off some lovely pictures from our recent travels. It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do to a room. Lovely. 🙂

Baking Disasters

At present the most traditional and favored cake has defeated me; Victoria Sandwich. I absolutely love this cake, if I meet friends for coffee this is always my cake of choice. If I ever get something else, I am always left disappointed. So over the last couple of months, when I’ve fancied making a cake, I have always made that.

Unfortunately, they have always been a disaster. Ranging in scale of disappointment, from flat as a pancake, to crumbly and stuck to the tin! I don’t know what’s going wrong. I am following the baking guru’s, Mary Berry’s, recipe but it just isn’t right. I’ve even tried: using new self-raising flour; using fresher eggs; adding the eggs in quickly or slowly and doubling the mixture. I will continue to try to perfect my baking skills and am going to investigate new recipes which will hopefully give me better results.

2014-08-10 13.22.56 2014-08-10 15.37.52 2014-08-10 15.44.47

Colour Run

I’ve been finding it really difficult to get out running recently. I’ve pretty much given up on my weekly run due to dark evenings and not feeling tempted to go out in the cold temperature. I did however, take part in our local Colour Run – a hugely American concept which, from the pictures, looked great fun. As we arrived, we were welcomed by, what can only be described as members of  LMFAO, over the speaker systems on a cold Sunday morning.

In our welcome pack we were given a small packet of colour powder. Groups were seen, to much amusement, throwing the powder all over each other; creating a kaleidoscope of colours. I, unfortunately, managed to get some in my mouth, so ended up with a blue tongue, and a horrible chemical taste!

We eventually got started and we ran the 3km in an impressive time of 23 minutes. It was a lovely atmosphere with a range of ages and fitness levels attempting the course. I was disappointed when I crossed the finish line at the lack of colour as my white t-shirt was still pretty white. The dye stations situated throughout the course were manned by volunteers and their hands. As you ran through, they would grab a hand full of powder and attempt to throw it at you. When you see the advertisements, it is definitely an over exaggeration. But it did get me out running and was something different, next I fancy the Zombie Run!



2014-10-11 17.59.17 2014-10-11 17.59.34

Personal Photos

Hosting Christmas – Table Decoration Conundrum

We are hosting Christmas this year which I’m really excited about even though it will be the first Christmas away from my family, as the in-laws (to be?!) are coming.

The things I’m struggling with though is the table decoration. There seems to be nothing about that is inspiring me. The only possibility I have at the moment is something I found on Pinterest but it involves tree cuttings which means I will have to leave it to the last minute.


I’ll have to make something I think, hopefully some inspiration will come soon!

A Place Of Tranquility

When we moved into our house last November our bedroom was looking a bit dated, the previous owner had even painted around an old bookcase, leaving a horrible dirty outline in the middle of the room. This meant that decorating it was on the top of our agenda.

So during the summer I started collating ideas for the decor, I was however held back by the decision to re-use our curtain which had featured in our living room at our previous address. I was finding the idea of tying together the whole scheme together. Luckily, my mother and sister were on hand to help out. The solution was…cornflower white. This gave the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and cosy bedroom and brought in the colours from the curtains perfectly.

After that it was just the difficult task of finding reasonably priced bedside tables, table lamps and accessories. I trawled the internet for bedsides and thankfully, in the end I found a local company that could make some to my specific specifications. Homesense, which is part of TK Maxx, as always did not disappointment with the table lamps. As after meeting a friend for coffee I took a little detour home on the off chance and found the perfect table lamps.

Overall I’m really pleased with how the scheme has come together, and the boy agrees too. Phewf! We just need a couple of pieces of art to hang on the walls to finish it off. But I love reading a book in there, a great place to relax.





Dale Street Treasures

After our walk on Friday it seemed the perfect opportunity to tie in a chance to visit some amazing antique shops along Dale Street in Matlock. Along this one street are 6 – 8 beautiful shops filled with; French style interiors, painted furniture and gorgeous nic-nacs.

I had pre-warned my boyfriend but along the way his interest deteriorated due to a hungry belly! We kept it quick and looked out for any accessories we could use in our upcoming living room update. We saw a beautiful round antique mirror for £30 and some gorgeous cupboards which we are going to think about.

Thinking about Dale Street, I definitely think I need to get my good friend down there, she’d love it!