Every new wedding planner will, before long, go to the local newsagents to collect their subscription to the latest bridal magazine. And I was no exception. Whilst flicking through the swoon worthy real life brides and their weddings, I came across an advertisement for advertisement with the cutest place name idea. They had a small glass vase, with a selection of fresh wild flowers and the name of the guest of a piece of card, attached to a cardette. I loved it.

I quickly searched the website to find the item in question. Unfortunately, they were out of budget when purchasing up to 70 people. I did however, receive a great idea from my friend and decided to replicate the place name vases using antique medicine bottles.

So that was it, every spare moment my mum (bless her!) was off searching local antique centres for the bottles. We even enjoyed a lovely day searching further afield one day during the summer holiday. We found: small, fat, thin ones in all colours. I think my mum secretly loved the challenge, and we didn’t pay more than £1 for each one. Bargain!

During the meeting with our florist she planned to use eucalyptus in the bottles as a cheaper alternative to flowers (which one florist estimated would cost £3-5 per bottle -obviously we didn’t go with them!). However, on our wedding day she surprised us with the cutest flowers. They turned out perfectly, some of our guests even took theirs home and it was lovely to receive pictures of theirs pride of place at home over the following few days.

And so it began…

Venue shopping! I found this one of the most stressful decisions during the wedding process. It determined the style of our wedding day and the budget (something we had and wanted to keep to a sensible and low level). 

As I’m a teacher, I quickly began the research process of booking a date and finding a venue as I didn’t want the few preferred dates to get booked up. This being said, we visited our first open day less than a week after the question was popped! Ha!

Our initial criteria was: vintage property with opportunity for people to stay over; ceremony and reception in one location; good dance area and what became apparent as one of my fiancé’s expectations: good toilets! 

We visited a variety of places all with an extensive list of pros and cons in our surrounding area. 

Half way through our search, my good friend Bex, told me about a venue. It was perfect, it had everything we had been looking for. It was slightly towards the top end of our budget, but after considering the budget, and making savings elsewhere, we decided to go for it! 

Ok, I’m back…!

So, planning a wedding and blogging at the same time was a bit too much for me. And clearly/ obviously the wedding planning took priority. But I’ve been happily married for a couple of months now, and I thought, why not? I’ve got a bit more spare time on my hands now and I’ve got a lots of lovely things to show you that I made for our amazing wedding.