Save The Date

Through trying to save money, I came across a great app called Studio Design. I was able to upload a picture and input font onto the picture using modern and popular fonts. Here are a couple of my favourite designs: including blossom from our garden; a picture of a sunset I took in our local area and a view whilst we were traveling in Ireland.

As this was made on an app, I could send it online to friends via Whatsapp and upload it to an online printing site and get some printed to hand to family. All for £13 – bargain!

Getting Older

My mother celebrated her 60th birthday recently, which only means one thing- my birthday is coming up. This year it’s my 30th and I’m definelty beginning to feel a little bit panicked. I’ve enjoyed my 20’s immensely and I’m sure the 30’s will feel no different but unfortunately I’ll have to start ticking that next age bracket. Yikes! I’m looking forward to what the next decade will have to offer. 

Finding the ‘one’

Shortly after asking my bridesmaids, we organised when we could have a girly day, with my mum, to try on dresses!! I set up two appointments at bridal boutiques in our local area that I’d always envisioned going to and we also booked a table at Bills where we could have a gorgeous lunch with prosecco!

The first appointment was a beautiful place, really modern and recommended to me. It was great. I decided to try on everything, from princess to strapless and everything in between. This really helped to establish what kind of dress I wanted; a lace, sweetheart neckline with a tulle skirt.

The second was unfortunately a massive let down, it was a place I’d walked past in town all my life and aspired to go to. It was however, a bit run down with dresses that I thought were a bit dated at a phenomenally high price. Luckily, a new dress shop had opened up around the corner so we went there, only to find out they’d had a cancellation. Perfect. This luckily turned the day around and we had a lovely sales assistant who really tried hard to match my criteria with the dresses she selected. I didn’t find anything but whilst half naked, I managed to find out that she is the step mother of one of my pupils!!! Embarrassing, what a small world!

That day I didn’t find the dress, and I probably didn’t find it at the next three places (maybe more if my sister is counting!) but whilst scrolling through the Lillian West website on my lunch break I found 6375. And that was it. I was in love. I organised for a sample to be sent to a local boutique and the rest is history.

What I didn’t realise at the time was the tulle skirt was detachable. So I became one of those fancy brides who has two looks on their day. I wore the skirt for the majority of the day, taking it off after the first dance. The dress is still in pretty good condition, I still don’t know what to do. I want to wear it again.


Well, this week hasn’t dragged much but I have to say why do weekends go so quickly?! I can’t even remember what we did last weekend but I always get a surprise when Sunday evenings turn up quicker than expected. We’ve got a lovely weekend planned with a trip to town to get a few bits for our upcoming honeymoon and our nephew’s first birthday bbq. Let’s hope the weather stays bright. Happy weekend everyone. 🙂