Picking the Perfect Florist

After attending a selection of different wedding fairs, I had a collection of leaflets advertising local suppliers and florists. I quickly set about researching florists I liked the look of through trailing through their online galleries. Soon enough I had a shortlist of three, so I went about organising appointments to talk through their ideas and prices. Unfortunately, one florist never got back to me but I was happy with my final two.

Soon enough the appointments were here and they ranged in success. One florist appointment I attended, I once lived across the road from, could not see my vision for the bottle design (described in my last post: Inspiration) and was far above my budget that made it a no go from the start. The other, however, was a joy! She totally understood my idea and was really enthusiastic about the whole thing, even making sure it stayed within my budget.

After the appointment she emailed over some mood boards to ensure she got my concept – such a lovely idea. And she got it bang on!

On the day, she did not disappoint. The jugs, I had collected, looked amazing on the tables (I just wish they could have stayed alive forever). Amazing.



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