Finding the ‘one’

Shortly after asking my bridesmaids, we organised when we could have a girly day, with my mum, to try on dresses!! I set up two appointments at bridal boutiques in our local area that I’d always envisioned going to and we also booked a table at Bills where we could have a gorgeous lunch with prosecco!

The first appointment was a beautiful place, really modern and recommended to me. It was great. I decided to try on everything, from princess to strapless and everything in between. This really helped to establish what kind of dress I wanted; a lace, sweetheart neckline with a tulle skirt.

The second was unfortunately a massive let down, it was a place I’d walked past in town all my life and aspired to go to. It was however, a bit run down with dresses that I thought were a bit dated at a phenomenally high price. Luckily, a new dress shop had opened up around the corner so we went there, only to find out they’d had a cancellation. Perfect. This luckily turned the day around and we had a lovely sales assistant who really tried hard to match my criteria with the dresses she selected. I didn’t find anything but whilst half naked, I managed to find out that she is the step mother of one of my pupils!!! Embarrassing, what a small world!

That day I didn’t find the dress, and I probably didn’t find it at the next three places (maybe more if my sister is counting!) but whilst scrolling through the Lillian West website on my lunch break I found 6375. And that was it. I was in love. I organised for a sample to be sent to a local boutique and the rest is history.

What I didn’t realise at the time was the tulle skirt was detachable. So I became one of those fancy brides who has two looks on their day. I wore the skirt for the majority of the day, taking it off after the first dance. The dress is still in pretty good condition, I still don’t know what to do. I want to wear it again.

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