An Absolute Disaster Darling!

As Craig Revel Horwood often say…an absolute disaster darling! I don’t know why I bothered. Ever since we moved into our new house, lover of all things antique I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw hidden beneath some concrete were ORIGINAL VICTORIAN FIREPLACE TILES!!

2014-12-20 10.25.06-1

So what did I stupidly decide to do – I decided to start chipping away at them on none other than Christmas Eve!! Naive little me thought I would quickly chip away the concrete to be left with a beautiful tiles which I could polish up to perfection. Did that happen – of course it didn’t!!

I was left with a crumbling mess which after much chipping away at, heaving and general high levels of frustration I was left with this..

2014-12-20 10.25.102014-12-20 10.45.10

So after a near melt down I did my best at patching it up, ready for the big day. It looked absolutely terrible. There were big white holes in the tiles, tiles that had broken up into so many pieces that it was the most difficult jigsaw puzzle I has ever tried to complete. But it was done, only to have my fabulous boyfriend the following day whilst laying the table put his foot through it.

Surprisingly, I was incredibly patent with him, I think by that point I had lost the will to life with the tiles. For months a lovely cushion covered the hole and during the winter months a cold breeze crept in through the hole, only to wait until February when the concrete was back, covering the hole once more. Damn my eagerness to uncover lost treasures. I’ll definitely think about my timing a little more wisely next time.

Other than the photos I took at the beginning there is no more evidence of the mess I made so apologies about that but it’s probably a good thing. I think I’d die of embarrassment.

Dale Street Treasures

After our walk on Friday it seemed the perfect opportunity to tie in a chance to visit some amazing antique shops along Dale Street in Matlock. Along this one street are 6 – 8 beautiful shops filled with; French style interiors, painted furniture and gorgeous nic-nacs.

I had pre-warned my boyfriend but along the way his interest deteriorated due to a hungry belly! We kept it quick and looked out for any accessories we could use in our upcoming living room update. We saw a beautiful round antique mirror for £30 and some gorgeous cupboards which we are going to think about.

Thinking about Dale Street, I definitely think I need to get my good friend down there, she’d love it!






Vintage Gem

It was just yesterday I noticed in a magazine my boyfriend had bought, for his dad (home and antiques), these gorgeous vintage flower postcards. I automatically fell in love we them and contemplated purchasing the magazine to frame them, to put in our conservatory. But low and behold on an errand this morning I popped into the local antique shop and could not believe my eyes when I saw this…



I plan to paint the frame a neutral colour so it fits in with the colour palette of the room and even better is that I managed to get £5 of the asking price thanks to my bargaining skills. 🙂


Tea and Cake

Is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than eating delicious cake, drinking tea and gossiping with a friend?! I don’t think so, and that is exactly what I did yesterday and it was bliss! 

What was even better, was the quirky tea shop we ventured into. It was full to the brim with mis-match tea cups, pretty hand cut flowers and beautiful lace tablecloths.


What to do?

For a long time I have wanted a antique dresser to replace a poorly put together set of drawers in my living room. The hideous flat pack drawers were put together by myself, and they are terrible. All the draws are not aligned and thus you can’t open one without the rest! It is a massive eye sore within our room but I have a predicament.

Over the years I have looked at so many beautiful sideboards and dressers and now, I just don’t know which to choose! What shall I do?! Do I get one from the cattle market and paint it? Or do I get a traditional dresser and leave it natural? Or do I even go for a sideboard….I just can’t decide! And lets not even get started on my boyfriends opinion!

Hopefully, one day while rummaging through a local antique shop we will see one and just know it’s the one.


Antique Dresser

New Home

Recently my boyfriend and I brought a house together. It’s the most amazing Victorian property with real Minton floor! (I am slightly bias!) So now, my new favourite thing to do, is to spend my weekends/ free time visiting vintage shops around the local area.

On my latest visit to see my Grandma I was able to combined it with a visit to the antiques shop with my mum and sister. My grandma loved reliving her youth and pointed out some lovely bits which would look perfect in our new home. Unfortunately my boyfriend was at work so the majority of the time was spent whatsapp’ing loads of photos. In the end I did purchase a vintage mirror which we have hung in the entrance way with a shabby chic key, which was a house warming present from a friend, where we can hang our keys when we get home. What do you think of our handy work?