Colour Run

I’ve been finding it really difficult to get out running recently. I’ve pretty much given up on my weekly run due to dark evenings and not feeling tempted to go out in the cold temperature. I did however, take part in our local Colour Run – a hugely American concept which, from the pictures, looked great fun. As we arrived, we were welcomed by, what can only be described as members of  LMFAO, over the speaker systems on a cold Sunday morning.

In our welcome pack we were given a small packet of colour powder. Groups were seen, to much amusement, throwing the powder all over each other; creating a kaleidoscope of colours. I, unfortunately, managed to get some in my mouth, so ended up with a blue tongue, and a horrible chemical taste!

We eventually got started and we ran the 3km in an impressive time of 23 minutes. It was a lovely atmosphere with a range of ages and fitness levels attempting the course. I was disappointed when I crossed the finish line at the lack of colour as my white t-shirt was still pretty white. The dye stations situated throughout the course were manned by volunteers and their hands. As you ran through, they would grab a hand full of powder and attempt to throw it at you. When you see the advertisements, it is definitely an over exaggeration. But it did get me out running and was something different, next I fancy the Zombie Run!



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Getting Back On It

I’m a bit behind the January health kick but it’s happened! Yesterday, I had a go at the Nike Training Club App and my goodness it was tough! I tried the beginners 30 minute session which focused on toning.

Unsurprisingly, by about 10 minutes I was ready for a sit down but I had my lovely boyfriend giving me tips and making sure my posture was right. It helped to keep me going but he sure was annoying! Ha!

The plan for tomorrow is to have a go at a 15 minute session on my abs but considering how limited and painful walking has been today I’m not too sure! I definitely want to keep it up but I’m eager to start running again, just need the nights to get lighter and then I’ll be raring to go.


Half Marathon


Two weeks ago I took part in my second half marathon. I’d done the practise, collected the donations and eventually the big day arrived. I was feeling really confident and looking forward to the event. The previous time I had ran the half I completed it in 2:20, this time I was hoping to get between 2hours and 2 hours 10 minutes. Unfortunately the day before the event my running partner had to have the day off work with a chest infection. This put me in a bit of a predicament as I didn’t know whether to stick with her or go off on my own. Within the first two miles I was already going faster than her and having to drop back every few paces to stick with her. Eventually I decided to run ahead and I was really pleased with my final time of 2:11.

The last mile however was the worst, I’d just been given a massive push by seeing my friends and family with two miles to go. But with the last mile to go, I had to run past the finish line on part of the river that I know very well. What a nightmare, I definitely plodded over the finish line. I’ve got the most horrendous picture of me crossing the line! Oh well, we’ve raised over £800 for charity so it was all worth it.


Another run, another find!

So a while ago I showed you a few of my favourite local graffiti/ inspirational writing. Quite surprisingly, while recently checking out a friends Facebook page I saw that he’d found a few too.

What do you guys think it is? Is it acceptable because it’s not ‘gang’ related graffiti? Is it deemed acceptable because it’s not swearing or is it art?




Have a lovely day

My wonderful and very determined friend has recently got us all signed up for a half marathon in September. Over the last couple of weeks I have been dragging myself out to start the training, which hasn’t been as difficult as expected as the sun has been shinning and I’ve wanted to be out and about in the evenings, after work.

During one of my favourite 4 mile runs around the river I noticed some graffiti. Now I’m not normally a fan of graffiti but I loved it so much I had to stop and take a picture. What a positive, emotional and heart warming message to run past.

What really surprised me was a couple of weeks later, (whilst running with my fabulous friend) I saw the same cursive style in another location along the river! This time I was wished a lovely day on the footbridge.


After informing my friend of this unusual style of graffiti she too found other examples of the message.

I’m intrigued about this mystery person sending these messages, I wonder where and if I’ll find another message which will brighten my day!