The City Of Love…

Cambridge. On a recent mini-break my boyfriend and I had some exciting news. And what better place to spend some quality time together than in the beautiful city of Cambridge. It previously hadn’t been one of my top choice to visit but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a city break. It had the small charm of Chester, the history of York and the quaint picturesque buildings of the Cotswolds. Perfect combination!

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The student atmosphere took me back to my University days, and I felt positively jealous of their legendary University experience. Lets hope that one day, a young family member will grace the halls of these prestigious colleges. Aim high and all that!!

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I loved the buzz around the city, with the endless array of bikes, of all shapes and sizes, locked up against any available rail. You needed to keep your wits about you as you crossed the road which happened often as I spotted an independent store with an array of gorgeous home accessories in the window!

We visited Kings College at night for the coral concert and had a informative guide who took us along the Cam in a punt. Who needs a red city tour bus when you can float aimlessly down the river hearing stories about past pranks that have been played on the professors.

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Meet Ruby

One of my all time, top items on my bucket list has been to go on holiday and rent a VW camper van. I just love the vintage feel and look of them, I would be driving down the road and shout out in excitement if I saw one, much to the annoyance of the driver/passengers!

Recently, my dream came true and like they say ‘never meet your idol’ as it was an utter disaster.

We picked up Ruby one early morning and were given a chance to test drive it around the car park. It didn’t take long for my bubble to soon be burst, we found it difficult to find the gears and the braking distance was huge. We tried to stay optimistic and finally got on our way. We had a huge distance to cover and you could slowly feel the stress levels increase the more junctions and traffic lights we had to pull off from.

After a not too difficult motorway stretch I decided to give it a go. At the beginning it was going great, but soon I met the hills! Getting the bite right and mixing the huge gear stick and handbrake resulted in a mild break down!

Sure enough the following day after a beautiful sleep on a quiet campsite, with a good night sleep we were raring to go. But…it broke down! So taking advantage of this silver lining of the trip, we rented a car, covered a huge distance and felt safe and relaxed. A blessing in disguise!

At least now I can tick it off the list and know it won’t be happening again!’



Hidden Treasures 2

I don’t know what it is about me, I just seem to attract treasures! Last week I was stood outside a restaurant on my phone and I casually looked at the floor, only to find a few pieces of beautiful broken pottery.

It wasn’t two months ago when this exact same thing happened so obviously, being the mosaic fan I am, I quickly pocketed the cute pieces. They are now tucked away in my craft draw ready for when I will need them.


Arts and Crafts Festival

Whilst walking around my local area last week, I was surprised to see they were holding an arts and crafts festival. My friend and I decided to pay out £2.50 at the local primary school and collect a map with a list of about 30 houses who are showcasing their work.

We soon were wandering up and down the local street, visiting beautiful houses and gardens with amazing summer houses which were set up as studios.

We saw everything from pottery to jewellery to photography to home wear. And let’s not forget the gluten free cake (which makes it almost acceptable!).

It was a wonderful afternoon with an amazing atmosphere, we even hoped that one day we might be able to take part and show off out mosaics. But until then we have the open gardens in a couple of weeks to look forward to.

A Beautiful Country Break

I’ve never spent a long period of time in the country but during a recent family break to Wales to fell in love. I felt like I had that old cliche of feeling down-hearted when returning to the concrete maze of city life.  Here are a few snaps taken around Pembrokeshire in St. Davids, Rossili Bay, New Quay, Poppy Sands and Fishguard. I would most definitely recommend a visit to the area.

Image  Image  Image    Image   Image Image

        Image                                                                 Image

Hidden Treasures

My family and I recently visited Pembrokeshire in Wales. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip with exceptional scenery and weather. Each day we went walking around the county; seeing beautiful coastlines, picture postcard harbour towns, vast beaches and wildlife reserves. On one such walk strolling along a stream something caught my eye….a small piece of blue china plate. With my obvious dedication to craft I quickly snatched it up! For the next 50 metres my eyes were piled for anything else I could lay my hands on. I had quite the collection by the time I had finished including a massive piece, in an unusual navy/black decor. 

Here’s to the next crafting session using these new found treasures.




Another Unlikely Find

Happily, driving home the other day I came across a surprising find, whilst sat at a traffic light; have a lovely day! This is my unexpected graffiti friend, who wishes me, and others in the area, a lovely day! I have found many friendly wishes over the past year and still to this day, I have a smile on my face every time I see it. Unfortunately, as it is hidden from the roadside slightly, it is a rubbish photo but I hope to take a little walk soon to picture it up closely. Still to this day I have no idea who it is and even though this is illegal activity, it gives me great pleasure. I look forward for the next spot! 


I Did It!

So I did it, I went. I can now say I am a member of a book club. I was a little nervous but as soon as I arrived I was welcomed by the ladies and made to feel extremely welcome.

My friend, who abandoned me, was right, they were all retirees. They all knew each other from the local committee meetings and open garden events however, I do feel that I will go again.

We were reviewing ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson. I unfortunately was disappointed with the book, even though a good friend in the book world also recommended to me. I felt there were too many big event included within the book and the characters additional weren’t developed enough. Reviewing it last night I also realised, through discussion, that there were too many question left unanswered. I hate that in a book. I did however, love the concept, thinking about how your life moves along a designated path and how fate, mistakes, experiences etc. will determine the course you follow. That was a very powerful message I got from the book, which I thought was extremely different to any other book I’ve ever read.

On my Goodreads app I gave it 3/5. Has anyone else read it? Next on the agenda is May We Be Forgiven by A. M. Holmes.


Book Club

Argh! It’s my first book club tonight, and to be quite honest, I’m a bit nervous! I originally signed up to the local book club before Christmas but due to illness and cancellations the monthly meeting is only just been rearranged.

Initially, I roped in my good friend to join me for this new venture of mine, but unfortunately she has declined after a very long 12 hour day at work. To be honest, I’m not at all surprised, as I got the feeling she was not into it when she realised the majority of the group may well be OAPs. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not ageist but I do get where she’s coming from.

However, I have decided to give tonight a go and see what happens. I can always politely decline the next invitation or I may turn out to love it and realise the group of ladies (and gents) are a really interesting group of people. Wish me luck!