There Goes Another Afternoon

I love my cats but they do make it difficult to get anything done! What initially is meant to be a quick sit down with a cup of tea end up being a half an hour/hour of not wanting to disturb them!

It often works in my favour though if I ask my boyfriend to do something. Having one or even two cats sat on you is reason enough for him to help you out!

Hopefully they will get up soon and I can have a go making some bunting using my friend’s sewing machine she has lent me!


Cat in a Basket

During a recent trip to Homesense (TK-Maxx’s budget home store) I picked up a lovely weaker basket which I thought would be perfect to hold logs in, next to our log burner. Unfortunately it is a touch too big, so it will be going back. Although I’m not too sure whether our feline companion will appreciate that, as on our way to bed last night we found Bailey chilling out! 


My Boys!

Earlier I was looking through my photos deciding what I could blog about today and I realised I hadn’t introduced you to my two gorgeous, ginger cats.

So let me welcome; George and Bailey. They were named by my sister, after Grey’s Anatomy, we are HUGE fans!











I rescued them from the RSPCA about three years ago. Thankfully since moving house they seem really settled and I believe they are even more comfortable with a little bit more space. Aren’t they cute!