Arts and Crafts Festival

Whilst walking around my local area last week, I was surprised to see they were holding an arts and crafts festival. My friend and I decided to pay out £2.50 at the local primary school and collect a map with a list of about 30 houses who are showcasing their work.

We soon were wandering up and down the local street, visiting beautiful houses and gardens with amazing summer houses which were set up as studios.

We saw everything from pottery to jewellery to photography to home wear. And let’s not forget the gluten free cake (which makes it almost acceptable!).

It was a wonderful afternoon with an amazing atmosphere, we even hoped that one day we might be able to take part and show off out mosaics. But until then we have the open gardens in a couple of weeks to look forward to.

A Beautiful Country Break

I’ve never spent a long period of time in the country but during a recent family break to Wales to fell in love. I felt like I had that old cliche of feeling down-hearted when returning to the concrete maze of city life.  Here are a few snaps taken around Pembrokeshire in St. Davids, Rossili Bay, New Quay, Poppy Sands and Fishguard. I would most definitely recommend a visit to the area.

Image  Image  Image    Image   Image Image

        Image                                                                 Image

Camera Shy





Sitting here on this cold miserable day, trying to work, has resulted in causing my unproductive mind to wonder! For as long as I can remember I’ve been meaning to organise my photos and save them on to my computer. Obviously, not feeling very optimistic about the pictures as it’s taken me over 6 months to get round to it! 

Unsurprisingly though, it have spent a lovely hour or so reliving past memories of holidays from 2013.

The reason for my reluctant nature is due to the fact that as a birthday present, my boyfriend, brought me a photography course. I found the day very enjoyable and mind boggling at the same time! Since then I have tried to put all that I learnt in to practice, but with limited opportunities to practice and getting to grips with the settings saw a mixed bag of results. 

Here are a few from our trip to Rome in October;


I hold my hand up and say I’m not the best but I will endeavor to continue to keep working at it and I will not resort to auto however much it pains my boyfriend to watch! 

Another run, another find!

So a while ago I showed you a few of my favourite local graffiti/ inspirational writing. Quite surprisingly, while recently checking out a friends Facebook page I saw that he’d found a few too.

What do you guys think it is? Is it acceptable because it’s not ‘gang’ related graffiti? Is it deemed acceptable because it’s not swearing or is it art?




Have a lovely day

My wonderful and very determined friend has recently got us all signed up for a half marathon in September. Over the last couple of weeks I have been dragging myself out to start the training, which hasn’t been as difficult as expected as the sun has been shinning and I’ve wanted to be out and about in the evenings, after work.

During one of my favourite 4 mile runs around the river I noticed some graffiti. Now I’m not normally a fan of graffiti but I loved it so much I had to stop and take a picture. What a positive, emotional and heart warming message to run past.

What really surprised me was a couple of weeks later, (whilst running with my fabulous friend) I saw the same cursive style in another location along the river! This time I was wished a lovely day on the footbridge.


After informing my friend of this unusual style of graffiti she too found other examples of the message.

I’m intrigued about this mystery person sending these messages, I wonder where and if I’ll find another message which will brighten my day!