Getting Older

My mother celebrated her 60th birthday recently, which only means one thing- my birthday is coming up. This year it’s my 30th and I’m definelty beginning to feel a little bit panicked. I’ve enjoyed my 20’s immensely and I’m sure the 30’s will feel no different but unfortunately I’ll have to start ticking that next age bracket. Yikes! I’m looking forward to what the next decade will have to offer. 

The Table Is Set…

As some of you might be aware we hosted Christmas this year. It was a lovely day with my boyfriend’s family, yet busy and I wasn’t even doing the cooking!

My boyfriend did an amazing job and we eat like kings for the day. His preparation commenced three days in advance, starting with a very late trip to Asda at 10:30pm; my bed time! It was a surreal experience heading to Asda at that time, especially as it was as busy as a normal evening after work. I did feel incredible smug when the following day my sister updated her Facebook profile with an angry emoji!

The preparations were definitely worth it as he put on a very impressive spread for his family. We were a well oiled machine we me sorting out snacks, drinks, canapĂ©s and my Gran’s Christmas cake for dessert and him cooking the main course. I hoping he feels up to doing the same again this year to welcome my family for Christmas 2016. I’ll give him a couple of months rest before I start planting that seed!

I was really pleased with the overall finish of the table. I think it worked well with the rest of our decorations and theme. What do you think?

Christmas Traditions

Everyone loves a good tradition, and in our household we are no different. This tradition came about from our strange food competitiveness, originating with a ‘carbonara-off’ during one of our first few months of dating (I won), to our Christmas Eve tradition of cooking the Christmas ham. 

My stepdad lives in the roll countryside and loves nothing better than visiting his local butchers, so in the run up to Christmas we place our order and look forward to the delights of smelling that sweet ham cooking away, layered with Gordon’s delicious glaze. 

Over the years we have had some delicious hams which have kept our overloaded bellies filled up between Christmas and New Year. What better tasty snack than fresh bread, glazed ham and Auntie Janet’s homemade chutney!! Bliss! 



Crafts you can eat…yum!

Before Christmas, my friend invited me round to make gingerbread houses. So I arrived, loaded with sweets, to decorate our gingerbread houses. To make the gingerbread, she’d followed a pattern from Kirstie Allsop’s Christmas Crafts and all we needed to do was fix it together with royal icing and attack it with sweets whilst drinking mulled wine. What a perfect afternoon!





It was pretty disheartening to break into it but it was perfect with a cup of tea on the lead up to Christmas when we had visitors. It seems pretty strange to be talking about Christmas on Easter Sunday – all this talk of sweet things is making me want chocolate – better go and finish that egg! Happy Easter!!

And it’s over…

A couple of weeks ago I was excited to put the tree up, but now it’s gone and I’m back to work. It all feels like a distant memory.

I was hoping to keep you updated with all the Christmas prep but with finishing the living room decor, cleaning and getting ready for the family to descend, there wasn’t enough time to sit down and blog.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed the festive season as much as I did.

Hopefully, when my body has begun to cope with the early mornings and I have a bit more energy in the evenings I will tell you all about my festive crafting and shenanigans! But for now, I’m going to put my feet up and try not to eat anymore of the left over chocolate!

Waiting Patiently…

I’m feeling the Christmas sprit but our house isn’t. We are currently getting some work done to our living room, ready for the family to join us on Christmas Day, which means we have to wait till next weekend to put our tree up.

I’m trying to be patient but seeing all these beautiful Christmas trees on Facebook and online is making me want to fill my home with the festive cheer.

To make up for it though, I have made a lovely pan of mulled wine and I’m enjoying eating my way through boxes of mince pies!

Only 7 days to go!


Dining in Style

We are hosting Christmas this year which I’m really excited about. However this did throw up a dilemma, as our dining room table is not big enough to comfortable seat the 7 people who will be joining us. We quickly realised this is the perfect reason to purchase our highly required dining room table. So approximately, 6 weeks ago we went on trawl of all the furniture shops in our local area and found the perfect one. It is being delivered next week but now I have to make a decision on table decoration for the big day.

My mum has always had a lovely table decoration for Christmas so I want to make sure ours looks the part. From my initial conundrum I have started to collect a few items such as a runner, table mats, candles and new plates (which we desperately needed, can’t serve the turkey on clipped mis-match plates!) and inherited some lovely, classic cutlery from my Gran. However, something isn’t right as I’m trying to blend the Christmas decoration colour, (red and white) with the decor from the living room (gray and charcoal).

I’m thinking of getting some slate mats to have in the centre to hold hot plates and maybe that will work. Hummmm…keep looking I think! It’s not looking like it’s straight out of Ideal Home magazine just yet!

2014-11-22 18.08.07 (1) 2014-11-22 18.08.22

Hosting Christmas – Table Decoration Conundrum

We are hosting Christmas this year which I’m really excited about even though it will be the first Christmas away from my family, as the in-laws (to be?!) are coming.

The things I’m struggling with though is the table decoration. There seems to be nothing about that is inspiring me. The only possibility I have at the moment is something I found on Pinterest but it involves tree cuttings which means I will have to leave it to the last minute.


I’ll have to make something I think, hopefully some inspiration will come soon!

Christmas Crafts

Last week I had a couple of friends over for a Christmas crafting session. It was lovely to have them over, belt out the seasonal tunes, warm up the mulled wine and try a few new crafts that I’ve wanted to do for a while! On the agenda was salt dough and mosaic decoration, giant pom-poms and snowflakes.

The mosaic baubles went down well, which was all thanks to my sister who contributed the bauble shapes, these only cost her a couple of pounds from eBay. Next up was the salt dough which eventually dried a yellowy colour due to the flour, I have since painted them white which I definitely prefer. I also ordered some alphabet stamps from not on the high street to use, consequently the salt dough decoration now have Christmas wording on which gives them a very shabby chic style. There were also perfect for naming my Christmas presents too.