Keeping The Guests Entertained

The big conundrum of how to make sure your guests have a good time, whilst keeping hold of your budget kept us in discussion up until the day before the wedding!! In an ideal world we’d have: a free bar; photo booth and band. As with anything is wasn’t in our budget, so we went about making sure we did a few things well and came up with cheaper alternatives. 

What we decided to do was buy our own Polaroid camera and my bridesmaid luckily had the props which she brought on the day. These went down so well and we enjoyed looking through the cracking pictures the following day (it was clear to see the deterioration of drunkenness as the evening went on!). The guests had the option to include their photo in our guestbook (which I brought from the lovely Liberty of London shop) or peg them on our notice boards. We were a bit apprehensive about the outcome of this but it worked perfectly. Phewf!

Wedding Scrapbook

As an engagement present, my lovely sister brought me a wedding scrapbook. It was really cute with different sections linked to areas of the wedding that I needed to plan and pockets and lots of areas for lists!! I love to write lists!

Throughout the wedding process, I was really good at filling it in once I’d booked something. In the past I made a scrapbook for my traveling adventure and never finished it…something that still annoys me to this day.

So luckily, it’s done. It’s now up in the loft in my wedding keepsake box but I know in a year or two I’ll love flicking through it and remembering the planning process.

Here are a couple of pages  I that I’m particularly pleased with…



Our good friend, Ally, who is a designer, did a fantastic job at designing our wedding stationary. I was totally in love with it and think it is definitely is worthy of framing. When we got to discuss the ideas, I really wanted a floral touch with an information card as when I’d attended previous weddings they had used a website which they never updated.

This is what she came up with…

A couple of months later she designed the table plan for us, using some of the floral details from the invites.


We also got too many invitations printed so using the floral piece at the top, I made the table names. I wanted to use pictures of our family members from their wedding days as a nod to them and make sure they were included. For a DIY element of the wedding, I was really pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?

table names

Save The Date

Through trying to save money, I came across a great app called Studio Design. I was able to upload a picture and input font onto the picture using modern and popular fonts. Here are a couple of my favourite designs: including blossom from our garden; a picture of a sunset I took in our local area and a view whilst we were traveling in Ireland.

As this was made on an app, I could send it online to friends via Whatsapp and upload it to an online printing site and get some printed to hand to family. All for £13 – bargain!

Finding the ‘one’

Shortly after asking my bridesmaids, we organised when we could have a girly day, with my mum, to try on dresses!! I set up two appointments at bridal boutiques in our local area that I’d always envisioned going to and we also booked a table at Bills where we could have a gorgeous lunch with prosecco!

The first appointment was a beautiful place, really modern and recommended to me. It was great. I decided to try on everything, from princess to strapless and everything in between. This really helped to establish what kind of dress I wanted; a lace, sweetheart neckline with a tulle skirt.

The second was unfortunately a massive let down, it was a place I’d walked past in town all my life and aspired to go to. It was however, a bit run down with dresses that I thought were a bit dated at a phenomenally high price. Luckily, a new dress shop had opened up around the corner so we went there, only to find out they’d had a cancellation. Perfect. This luckily turned the day around and we had a lovely sales assistant who really tried hard to match my criteria with the dresses she selected. I didn’t find anything but whilst half naked, I managed to find out that she is the step mother of one of my pupils!!! Embarrassing, what a small world!

That day I didn’t find the dress, and I probably didn’t find it at the next three places (maybe more if my sister is counting!) but whilst scrolling through the Lillian West website on my lunch break I found 6375. And that was it. I was in love. I organised for a sample to be sent to a local boutique and the rest is history.

What I didn’t realise at the time was the tulle skirt was detachable. So I became one of those fancy brides who has two looks on their day. I wore the skirt for the majority of the day, taking it off after the first dance. The dress is still in pretty good condition, I still don’t know what to do. I want to wear it again.


Every new wedding planner will, before long, go to the local newsagents to collect their subscription to the latest bridal magazine. And I was no exception. Whilst flicking through the swoon worthy real life brides and their weddings, I came across an advertisement for advertisement with the cutest place name idea. They had a small glass vase, with a selection of fresh wild flowers and the name of the guest of a piece of card, attached to a cardette. I loved it.

I quickly searched the website to find the item in question. Unfortunately, they were out of budget when purchasing up to 70 people. I did however, receive a great idea from my friend and decided to replicate the place name vases using antique medicine bottles.

So that was it, every spare moment my mum (bless her!) was off searching local antique centres for the bottles. We even enjoyed a lovely day searching further afield one day during the summer holiday. We found: small, fat, thin ones in all colours. I think my mum secretly loved the challenge, and we didn’t pay more than £1 for each one. Bargain!

During the meeting with our florist she planned to use eucalyptus in the bottles as a cheaper alternative to flowers (which one florist estimated would cost £3-5 per bottle -obviously we didn’t go with them!). However, on our wedding day she surprised us with the cutest flowers. They turned out perfectly, some of our guests even took theirs home and it was lovely to receive pictures of theirs pride of place at home over the following few days.

And so it began…

Venue shopping! I found this one of the most stressful decisions during the wedding process. It determined the style of our wedding day and the budget (something we had and wanted to keep to a sensible and low level). 

As I’m a teacher, I quickly began the research process of booking a date and finding a venue as I didn’t want the few preferred dates to get booked up. This being said, we visited our first open day less than a week after the question was popped! Ha!

Our initial criteria was: vintage property with opportunity for people to stay over; ceremony and reception in one location; good dance area and what became apparent as one of my fiancé’s expectations: good toilets! 

We visited a variety of places all with an extensive list of pros and cons in our surrounding area. 

Half way through our search, my good friend Bex, told me about a venue. It was perfect, it had everything we had been looking for. It was slightly towards the top end of our budget, but after considering the budget, and making savings elsewhere, we decided to go for it! 

Ok, I’m back…!

So, planning a wedding and blogging at the same time was a bit too much for me. And clearly/ obviously the wedding planning took priority. But I’ve been happily married for a couple of months now, and I thought, why not? I’ve got a bit more spare time on my hands now and I’ve got a lots of lovely things to show you that I made for our amazing wedding.