Getting Older

My mother celebrated her 60th birthday recently, which only means one thing- my birthday is coming up. This year it’s my 30th and I’m definelty beginning to feel a little bit panicked. I’ve enjoyed my 20’s immensely and I’m sure the 30’s will feel no different but unfortunately I’ll have to start ticking that next age bracket. Yikes! I’m looking forward to what the next decade will have to offer. 


My lovely boyfriend had his 30th Birthday recently, and after a not too successful present given last year I thought, for this special occasion, I would make a bit more effort! I decided to plan a surprise trip away; I contacted his boss to ask for permission to take time off, spoke to his family as I knew they had been their before and after lots of research I finally booked the tickets.

As his birthday was approaching I started thinking about what he would open on the day, so I decided to make a scrapbook informing him of the plans which I later would like to get some of the photos developed to fill it up.

The imagine I have of scrapbooks are of beautifully decorated, highly visually stimulating, creative displays of tactile treasures. After collecting a variety of pictures and cuttings, I got to work. My attempt definitely doesn’t fit into the above description! Unfortunately, to get the desired effect I believe it requires a lot of time and specific resources which I wasn’t prepared to make or find, as however much I love my boyfriend, he’s a boy, and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that level of scrapbooking!

Now that we have returned I will enjoy continuing the book to completion, with all the leaflets I pocketed along the way!

I love the idea of putting in a map of where you vacationed!     travel scrapbook collage art

COVER PAGE with map of the world to mark destinations coveredTravel scrapbooking layout idea -