Ok, I’m back…!

So, planning a wedding and blogging at the same time was a bit too much for me. And clearly/ obviously the wedding planning took priority. But I’ve been happily married for a couple of months now, and I thought, why not? I’ve got a bit more spare time on my hands now and I’ve got a lots of lovely things to show you that I made for our amazing wedding. 

I’m back!

I’ve been so lame recently. I’ve been thinking about getting the blog going for ages but Christmas came (which was ages ago!) and cold winter evenings meant I didn’t really have the motivation to write anything.

But the days are getting brighter and it’s filling me with do much inspiration to get crafting and start blogging again! I do, however have a list of blogs I wanted to do over the Christmas period so I will give you a brief update of what has happened since then and hope you don’t get bored of my out-of-season blogging! Sorry in advance.

Time To Celebrate

Woohoo! I’ve made it to 100 followers! I’ve been watching the list of followers steadily increase recently and I’m proud to say I’ve made it!

Thank you to everyone who is following craftycorner and I hope you enjoy reading about my latest endeavours, however crazy they are!

I set this little challenge to myself a while a go but I’m ready for the next challenge; 10 likes for a post. Hopefully I will be able to write something witty and informative to interest the wider audience and achieve my target. Fingers crossed I can get there soon.

Happy blogging everyone and thanks again!

It’s been a while…

I’m back!

I’ve been away.

I’ve had an extended holiday from blog writing but I think I have taken part in enough craft / home projects to have something to write about now and what with the colder nights and lack of tv to watch, what better thing to do than get blogging!

I wonder what has been going on in the blogging world.