My lovely boyfriend had his 30th Birthday recently, and after a not too successful present given last year I thought, for this special occasion, I would make a bit more effort! I decided to plan a surprise trip away; I contacted his boss to ask for permission to take time off, spoke to his family as I knew they had been their before and after lots of research I finally booked the tickets.

As his birthday was approaching I started thinking about what he would open on the day, so I decided to make a scrapbook informing him of the plans which I later would like to get some of the photos developed to fill it up.

The imagine I have of scrapbooks are of beautifully decorated, highly visually stimulating, creative displays of tactile treasures. After collecting a variety of pictures and cuttings, I got to work. My attempt definitely doesn’t fit into the above description! Unfortunately, to get the desired effect I believe it requires a lot of time and specific resources which I wasn’t prepared to make or find, as however much I love my boyfriend, he’s a boy, and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that level of scrapbooking!

Now that we have returned I will enjoy continuing the book to completion, with all the leaflets I pocketed along the way!

I love the idea of putting in a map of where you vacationed!     travel scrapbook collage art

COVER PAGE with map of the world to mark destinations coveredTravel scrapbooking layout idea -

Oh How I’ve Missed You

As a surprise birthday present, my boyfriend brought me a subscription for Ideal Home magazine a couple of years ago. I used to love the day when the latest copy would arrive on my doorstep restricting my access into the house. After a year, I decided to stop the subscription as our previous houses’ decor was complete.

Not long ago, however we moved house. Until now, I have enjoyed spending time in the house without thinking about decorating but my lovely family are now starting to question my laziness! With an indecisive and overwhelmed mind I have struggled to know where to start. So Ideal Home is back! I’ve started my subscription again, with the  first installment arriving over the weekend.

The magazine is always filled to the max with a range of fresh ideas, and sitting down to read it, with a cuppa this evening really helped me relax after a busy day at work. Hopefully, all these beautiful interiors will impressive my friends and family when I implement them throughout the house over the course of the year. Here are a few of my favorite:

Ideal HomeIdeal Home 2014-03-03 18.45.58 2014-03-03 18.47.24

Camera Shy





Sitting here on this cold miserable day, trying to work, has resulted in causing my unproductive mind to wonder! For as long as I can remember I’ve been meaning to organise my photos and save them on to my computer. Obviously, not feeling very optimistic about the pictures as it’s taken me over 6 months to get round to it! 

Unsurprisingly though, it have spent a lovely hour or so reliving past memories of holidays from 2013.

The reason for my reluctant nature is due to the fact that as a birthday present, my boyfriend, brought me a photography course. I found the day very enjoyable and mind boggling at the same time! Since then I have tried to put all that I learnt in to practice, but with limited opportunities to practice and getting to grips with the settings saw a mixed bag of results. 

Here are a few from our trip to Rome in October;


I hold my hand up and say I’m not the best but I will endeavor to continue to keep working at it and I will not resort to auto however much it pains my boyfriend to watch!