Sewing Rebel

Conservatory = done. 

Thanks to my wonderful mother, on Friday I finished the final stage of the conservatory decor and made my first ever cushion! 

I found the experience thoroughly enjoyable; watching her work, learning tips and surprisingly, lots of shortcuts! I never thought my mum was much of a rebel, but if Patrick, from the Great British Sewing Bee, saw her work he would be utterly appalled! 

So we measured out the fabric, used pins as our guide and started cutting! Gradually, as I cut along this imaginary line the pins got further and further away! Next we set up her vintage Singer machine, which I loved. So retro! Watching her expertly set up the machine reminded me of riding a bike, you never forget! 

Image                                                      Image      

After a few failed attempts at attaching the zip in a straight line the sides were a breeze! When we came to putting the pillow in the cover we soon realised the lady on the market stall was right after all and you don’t need an 18 inch zip for an 18 inch cover! Using a bit of hand stitching and it looks like a thoroughly professional job. The pillows look great and I think it was tied the whole scheme nicely together.

Image                                                                                        Image

And now time to relax! Or more like start saving and planning for the next room.

The Devil’s In The Detail

Recently, my evenings have involved a brilliant interior design programme called ‘The Great British Design Challenge’. At the end of a long day I looked forward to my fix of interior design in gorgeous properties, style ideas and craft inspiration. But unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end and this week I have been at a bit of a loss as to what to fill my time with.

As a result my Pinterest viewing time has increased! However, eventually I stumbled upon an idea, using my new found inner interior designer; I made a mood board. I printed off all the pictures I liked of conservatory décor and collated them in a scrapbook style ready for when my ‘Project’ is finished. 

I’ve never been this organised before, is the devil in the detail or is this going to help save costs and make for a smooth renovation? Either way I can’t wait to get started, I’ve been inspired to get my paint brush out again!




A Project

I just love my mother! She is recently retired and loving it, but what pleases her most is a project to keep her involved,hence the project!

So recently I told her of our new plan for our conservatory, which is how during my next holiday I was going to paint and decorate the conservatory so it is ready to enjoy when spring finally arrives. Before you know it my mother has sourced two wicker chairs (exactly what we wanted) from a friend, for free! 

ImageImageI’m really excited about them arriving on Sunday as I can’t wait to try out my new fond sewing skills on an actual craft project for our new house! Roll on the weekend so I can start collecting fabric samples for possible cushion/ pillow covers. 

Image                      ImageImage