Well, this week hasn’t dragged much but I have to say why do weekends go so quickly?! I can’t even remember what we did last weekend but I always get a surprise when Sunday evenings turn up quicker than expected. We’ve got a lovely weekend planned with a trip to town to get a few bits for our upcoming honeymoon and our nephew’s first birthday bbq. Let’s hope the weather stays bright. Happy weekend everyone. 🙂

And so it began…

Venue shopping! I found this one of the most stressful decisions during the wedding process. It determined the style of our wedding day and the budget (something we had and wanted to keep to a sensible and low level). 

As I’m a teacher, I quickly began the research process of booking a date and finding a venue as I didn’t want the few preferred dates to get booked up. This being said, we visited our first open day less than a week after the question was popped! Ha!

Our initial criteria was: vintage property with opportunity for people to stay over; ceremony and reception in one location; good dance area and what became apparent as one of my fiancé’s expectations: good toilets! 

We visited a variety of places all with an extensive list of pros and cons in our surrounding area. 

Half way through our search, my good friend Bex, told me about a venue. It was perfect, it had everything we had been looking for. It was slightly towards the top end of our budget, but after considering the budget, and making savings elsewhere, we decided to go for it! 

New Home

Recently my boyfriend and I brought a house together. It’s the most amazing Victorian property with real Minton floor! (I am slightly bias!) So now, my new favourite thing to do, is to spend my weekends/ free time visiting vintage shops around the local area.

On my latest visit to see my Grandma I was able to combined it with a visit to the antiques shop with my mum and sister. My grandma loved reliving her youth and pointed out some lovely bits which would look perfect in our new home. Unfortunately my boyfriend was at work so the majority of the time was spent whatsapp’ing loads of photos. In the end I did purchase a vintage mirror which we have hung in the entrance way with a shabby chic key, which was a house warming present from a friend, where we can hang our keys when we get home. What do you think of our handy work?




All wrapped up

In the most unchristmassy of fashions I have managed to wrap all my Christmas presents whilst drinking a glass of elderflower cider and listening to power ballads! The tree is now complete and I’m not looking forward to the Christmas festivities. I just hope everyone likes their presents!

I am however, feeling rather smug this year as I have finally listened to my own advice and managed to finish my Christmas shopping in advance. Whoever invented late night shopping on a Wednesday is a genius. Why would anyone in their right mind attempt shopping at the weekend in the lead up to Christmas? Crazy! Although prior to this new found smugness I have in the past had to buy a last minute gift for my mum on Christmas Eve! Even worse is that this normally happened whilst fuelled with far to much mulled wine to make any logical decision after meeting my friends for drinks in the square! Therefore this resulted in one rather small nighty two years ago and one broken Emma Bridgwater joy pot last year, which was super glued together on Christmas Day! Thankfully and hopefully this hasn’t happened and won’t happen again!